Take Action from Home

26 Oct

For the first time in history, global hunger has reached more than a billion people.  About 1 in 6 people on this planet are starving to death.  With rampant financial crisis occurring around the globe, food aid is at a 20 year low.  That makes YOUR contributions and OUR contributions more important than ever before.

On October 5-6, Scott was able to attend the Summit on Global Hunger.  This year the summit took place right in the heart of our nation’s Capital. Nestled next to the Supreme Court and the  Library of Congressl was the Stewart Mott House–ground zero for this year’s Hunger Summit.

For 2 days, Scott was surrounded by the leading experts on global hunger, such as Karen Sendelback, president and CEO of Friends of the World Food Program, and Frederick Tipson from the United Nations Development Program.  These people are on the forefront of the battle, and they know their stuff.

The main point that Scott took from the Summit, was the importance of taking action at home.  We can ALL do something.  The problem isn’t so big that all of you average, yet extraordinary people out there can’t make a difference.  Here are some ways that you can personally fight hunger:

Volunteer–No matter where you are, there are always charities in need of physical bodies to do the work.  Your contribution does not always have to be monetary–use your muscles!

Social Network Sites–If you claim that you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you are probably lying.  Tell your friends about hunger.  Most of your contacts are probably ignorant of the fact that 1 billion people are hungry.
Contact your members of Congress–Fighting hunger is political.  Our dear members of Congress have access to money, and the ability to help on a large scale.  Weary them with your letters until they act!
Even though times are tough all over the globe, let’s make it our time to shine.  Ending hunger starts with you, and only ends with everyone has a full belly.

One Response to “Take Action from Home”

  1. Margot Hoerrner October 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm #

    It was so wonderful to meet you at our Summit on Global Hunger. Thank you so much for making the trip, and asking such good, pointed questions.
    I’m leaving for Kenya on Friday, to bring a delegation of WFP Committee leaders to the field, to observe WFP programs on the ground. Please be sure to follow our blog at friendsofwfp.typepad.com. We’ll be documenting our observations of school feeding, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and agricultural development programs, as well as the impact of the severe drought that the region has been facing.
    I echo your call to action, to volunteer, get involved and roll up your sleeves. Our national volunteer initiative is a wonderful example of how one person can really make a difference.
    Thanks Scott,
    Margot Hoerrner
    Vice President of Outreach
    Friends of the World Food Program

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