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Zac Goldsmith, U.K.’s Environmental Trailblazer

23 Aug

Since winning the seat as a Member of Parliament for Richmond Park in the U.K. 2010 general election Zac Goldsmith has not stopped using his voice & influence as a global advocate for the environment.

Goldsmith has a long history of involvement in environmental causes — it’s a legacy inherited from his late father, James Goldsmith.  The owner and editor of the Ecologist from 1998 to 2007, the younger Goldsmith was responsible for making the magazine a little less academic and a little more readable.  (You can read Ecologist online at www.theecologist.org )

In 2003, Goldsmith, was awarded the Beacon Prize for Young Philanthropist of the Year, and in 2004 he was awarded the Global Green Award for International Environmental Leadership.  He then published his book, The Constant Economy, to great acclaim in 2009.

While Goldsmith’s new role as a Conservative MP takes him in a new direction, there is no doubt that he will use his platform to increase the profile of environmental issues in the government.

Zac Goldsmith and HRH Prince Charles at the launch of the annual Revolve Eco-Rally on 3 June 2007