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Second Annual Summit on Global Hunger in Washington, DC

1 Oct

We are living in a world rife with disaster and conflict.  Every single day there is something; major flooding in the Philippines, a tsunami in American Samoa, constant and ever present fighting throughout Africa, Afghanistan, and a plethora of other areas throughout the world.

But you know this.

We are living in a country that has been at war, yet every single day we are dwelling in relative peace and safety.  Where having “nothing to eat” in the house probably means one can not find anything but Ramen, bread, and peanut butter.  When natural disasters occur on our own soil, we have the means to help each other out.

You know this.

For a large part of the world, war and natural disaster exacerbate the already dismal hunger problem.

Conflict feeds hunger.

The World Food Program is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.  Since 1962, the WFP has been working tirelessly to to feed the more than 1 billion people suffering from hunger world wide.

Friends of the WFP is a U.S.-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses on building support in the United States for the World Food Program.

On October 5-6, Friends of the WFP will be hosting the second annual Summit on Global Hunger in Washington, DC.  I will be attending the  summit to participate in two days of in-depth workshops and presentations on global hunger, meetings with members of Congress to discuss hunger policy, panel discussions with leaders from the private sector to discuss best practices in corporate social responsibility, and strategic planning sessions to further develop and expand the WFP program.

This will be a phenomenal opportunity to work firsthand with the WFP, and see how we can plug Interface into the equation.

World hunger is not unconquerable.  Working with high impact charities like the WFP and Friends of the WFP, we can bring an end to hunger.

We know this.