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NextAid : Making A Difference in the lives of African children

18 Dec

On my recent trip to Africa I had the chance to visit my friend Lauren Segal’s www.NextAid.org Foundation project in Dennilton, South Africa.  This earth friendly sustainable village  serves as a beacon of hope in a community that has been devastated by AIDS. The village is place where resources are concentrated, where aid is efficiently distributed, where environmental education is emphasized, and where  youth reach their individual and collective potential.

NextAid is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges facing African children.

NextAid’s mission is to promote community-driven, environmentally sustainable, economically and socially empowering responses to the AIDS orphan pandemic.

NextAid collaborates with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to produce creative, culturally-rich, awareness-raising projects and music events involving technology, the arts, public education projects,and volunteer opportunities.

If you are ever looking for a project to get involved with I can guarantee your experience with Next Aid will be life changing!!  Call Lauren & let’s keep making the world a better place!!

Lunch with 200 children in Dennilton, South Africa

Lunch with 200 children in Dennilton, South Africa