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22 Oct

Great leaders, like Jane Goodall and Nelson Mandela, derive their power from taking a stand. They know the distinction between taking a position and taking a stand. Taking a position, or having a “point of view,” forces us to take sides and argue for or against. It gets us going, but rarely has a lasting influence. Taking a stand opens up new visions and possibilities, and adversarial feelings begin to dissolve. It is a way of living and being that strengthens our capacity to make a difference.”

“You don’t have to be a Gandhi to make a difference in your job, in your company, in other important places in your life. We all have a stand inside of us waiting to be expressed, and when we are in touch with that place, we become more fully ourselves & can truly change the world, ” are the very wise words of Lynne Twist.

On August 23 in Raleigh, North Carolina over 4,000 people (students, faculty, community leaders, businessmen & women) took a stand on global hunger and packaged over 1 million meals for Stop Hunger Now.  Take a look & get involved:

Thanks to Ray Buchanan, the founder of Stop Hunger Now; Rod Brooks, CEO of Stop Hunger Now; Chessney Barrick, Development Director of Stop Hunger Now; Jesse Metcalfe, Lisa Spackman, Danny Hewitt, Mike Debenham, Drew James and everyone else who has supported the Stop Hunger Now Interface Foundation initiative.